Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference :)

Hola familia! 
Wasnt conference just amazing?? It was definitley the best weekend of my entire mission! It is such a blessing to have a prophet who is called of God with his aposotles to guide us and direct us in this world that is so difficult to live in! I loved every minute of conference and was really sad when it ended! But what was everyones favorite talks?? I dont think I can choose just one favorite one, but I do have to say that Elder Bednars was amazing!! It was so great how he adressed all the people who arent members of the church to truly explain, in a way only a man called of God could do, the reason why we as members of this church are so eager to share it! As a missionary I guess I just related alot more to the reasoning because I am sharing the gospel all day everyday, but it was a powerful message! I also really liked the talk given by M. Russell Ballard! It is so true how we need to "Stay in the boat!" Overall conference was so amazing! It was a really cool experience watching conference as a missionary! And, I got to watch it in English (: haha but when people gave their talks in Spanish, we switched it to the Spanish channel! I also thought that was such a cool thing! I loved that people were able to give their messages in their native language! Such a great addition to conference! This week for us has been good! We had our interviews with President Wagner on Friday and it was really good! I am lucky to have him as my missionary President! And hermana Wagner is great too! They take really good care of us out here! We then had splits, and I was with Hermana Ibanez!  We got to Guadaljara the same day but since she is from Mexico she was only in the CCM for 2 weeks so I have more time than her as a missionary and that was such a weird feeling! haha I think it was the first time my entire mission I didnt feel super new! Which I shouldnt feel new cause I have 5 months in the mission haha but yeah! It was a really good day with her! And then Hermana Zepeda and I have been pretty frustrated because we are having a really hard time with investigators so President Wagner told us to street contact at least 100 people each day and we wont be discouraged! And it works!!!! On Friday it was 101 and Saturday we contacted 106 people and yesterday it wasnt quite as many but we contacted 65 people! It is amazing how different it feels when we literally invite every single person we see to come unto Christ! And it makes for funny stories too! haha I will share one, We decided we would contact a bus, and I was going to do it( talk about scary!) So we get on the bus and I ask the driver if i can share something with the people on there and he says yes So, I say that we are missionaries and all that jazz and hermana zepeda explains that we will give people cards with an internet page on the back that they can look at. And this was the first time I contacted a bus and it was soooo funny because the bus driver was crazy and we about fell like 500 times but my bus surfing skills i learned from all the cross-country trips paid off haha needless to say we enjoyed looking like fools and i learned how to yell in spanish! haha so yeah that was good! We have found some new investigators that we will be teaching this week! And sadly, this is Hna.Zepedas last week in the mission! But we will make it the best one yet! I am so glad you were all able to enjoy conference and had a great week! I love you guys so much! Thanks for everything!! (: 
love always,
Hermana Searle 

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