Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lots of new pics :)

PIzza and Coca-Cola :)

Hola Familia!! 
This week was just as crazy as the last! haha. On TUesday we had our zone class, which went really well. It was a little weird because the whole class they talked about marriage and the goals we need to set for ourselves, and the goals we can help the members make to be sealed in the temple. It was a really cool class but kinda weird talking about marriage in a room full of missionaries haha. But then we had splits with our sister training leaders. I was with Sister Tagg and it went SO great! She is a super awesome missionary and I really enjoyed working with her. We then had to go to Santiago again to meet up with our companions. Sis.Diaz and I then came back to San Blas for a couple hours and then had to travel 2 hours to get to Tepic so that we could stay with the sisters there to go to Guadaljara early Thursday morning. When we got to tepic it was us, Sis.Martinez, Sis.DOminguez, Sis.Blanco, and Sis.Wood. It was super fun haha we ordered pizza and coca-cola and maybe didnt sleep like we should have but we were all able to just relax a little from the everday stress of being a missionary! We then went to Guadaljara super early on Thursday to have a new missionary follow-up with President and Sister Clayton! It really went so well! They are so awesome! They even bought us donuts haha. We then started the journey back to san blas and got here late Thursday night. On Friday we had a pretty normal day with some really good lessons. And on Saturday the Elders set up an activity for the youth in which we had like a "Face2Face" with the missionaries and they were able to ask us any question they wanted. It was a little weird because some asked some really personal questions haha but it went really well and I think it really helped the youth to see that we are a lot like them and that we are here to help them and their families! We will be having anohter similar activity this week but with the adults, and the Branch President and his wife! It should go really well! Then yesterday we had so many people in church(: It was so great to see them all there and to see the happiness they felt in the church! Things are going so well here! I love it so much. Another weird thing is early this morning the mission secretaries called me and asked me to what airport I want to fly into :o haha because they are going to be buying my plane ticket soon! but things are going so great! I am glad to hear that you are all doing so great as well! I hope you guys have another amazing week!! I love you all so much! 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sol's Baptism

Look how cute this family is

I love this picture.  They all look so happy!!!!

Crazy Week and Baptism for Sol :)

Hola Familia! 
WHAT A WEEK!! haha this week was so crazy! 
First off, on Monday we had another Family home evening and it was with Sol and her family, and some families from the Elders area! It went really well! I love the family home evenings we have here because it has really helped the members become closer and they are always so spiritual! On Tuesday we had our district class and it went really well! The past week we all struggled a little but and Elder Sosa decided to teach about stress managment. haha we all said we werent stressed at all and then he started asking us a bunch of questions about how we felt and we came to the conclusion that as a district we were really stressed. So we did some relaxation and it helped a lot, we were all so happy after(: haha then The true craziness began,
We had to finish teaching Sol all the lessons and we only had Wednesday Thursday and Friday to do it, but she wasnt going to be here Wednesday so Thursday we had an appointement with her and She wasnt home, We tried calling her grandma and we couldnt get ahold of them. We had the appointment at 7 and finally at like 8:35 we found them and finished the last lesson. On Friday morning was Sols interview and she passed (: She was so cute and happy when Elder Allen told her that she would really be getting baptized on Saturday(: We then had to set up the church for the branch movie night the movie went really well and everyone seem to enjoy it. We made like 50 bags of popcorn with one of the young women here and lets just say at least 20 of the bags were dumped out on the floor due to little kids :( So the church was a mess after. Since it was late we couldnt finish cleaning so we had to wait to do it Saturday morning. On Saturday there were 4 baptisms(: Sol, and 3 of the elders investigators got baptized. Since the Elders were in Santiago, which is about an hour away from San Blas, in splits with the Zone leaders we had to set up the church for the baptism and when it rains here, the close the water system so the salt water doesnt conaminate the clean water, and the baptismal fount wasnt filling up. It was super stressful.. The elders got there late and so did a few of their investigators but all in all the baptism was so great! The spirit was so strong and SO many people came to support everyone! It made me so happy to see them all there! After the baptism we had to clean the church once again and set up the chairs for sacrament meeting. haha We seriously cleaned the church so many times this week haha and then on Sunday as we were waiting to start sacrament meeting Sol didnt show up!!! We tried calling and sending messages and they didnt answer but finally like 2 minutes before she was supposed to be confirmed her and her brother walked into the church. It was such a releif to see her there and she was confirmed and so happy! Overall it was a great week. It was probably one of the most stressful because things really just werent going as planned. But I am so happy that Sol and the ohters were able to be baptized and that all went well! This week I really learned a lot of patience and was able to see how the Lord really provides the way for everything to work out! I love this work so much and I love being here in San Blas. It is unreal to me how fast time is going and that soon I will be home. I am the first one in my district who will finish my mission and the Elders always remind me :( haha but I hope to make the very most of the last 4 months I have left. I love being a missionary and I feel so blessed to be a part of the most amazing work there is. I love you all so much and I am so thankful for all of your love and support! I hope that you guys have another amazing week and I hope you can keep enjoying summer!! Love you guys! 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Pics :)

us after we got rained on. 

The future missionaries of San Blas.

Sols grandma

Sols sister, I dont remember her name :p

Sol, she will get baptized this saturday(:

and my new speaker(: haha I saw it and had to buy it because being in San blas has made me LOVE coca-cola haha

Short and Sweet :)

Hola Familia! 
It sounds like you guys had a really great week(: I am glad to hear that everything is going so well back home(: This week was pretty good here! We are working with Sol, one of our investigators who should be getting baptized this weekend(: She is really progressing! She is super excited for her baptism! We are also going to have another movie night here to watch meet the mormons with our branch! It should be really great! We had district conference and President and Sister Clayton came and it was good to see them! We are going to be focusing more on finding new investigators this week and getting them to attend church! It is crazy to think we are already about in the middle of July! My companion will finish her training before I know it haha but things are going really well here! There has been a lot of rain these past couple of days which has been kind of fun haha but other than that nothing too unusual has happened! I am so glad you guys were able to see Sam! I still cant believe she is home!!! I hope that you guys have another amazing week! I love you all so much! 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

Monday, July 6, 2015

New pics!!!

Their District

4th of July  HaHa

Sabbath Day

Hermana Searle and Hermana Diaz

Little boy named Shaggy

Grumpy Faces

New Mission President, Faith, Hope and Trust

Hola Familia! 
What a week it has been. This week we were able to meet President and Sister Clayton. They are really great people! We had a lot of really good lessons this week as well and were able to achieve a lot of our goals. It was all really great. However, this week I had been feeling has though something bad had happened or was going to happen back home, which is never a fun feeling, so I decided to study a lot about Faith, Hope, and Trusting in the Lord and it was such a great experience. When I got on my emails today and read about Mavs house, and how Katie is in the hospital I truly felt so much peace and comfort to not only know 1. That my brother was protected as well as the rest of the people involved, and 2. That Katie is being taken care of in the hospital. Its not easy hearing about the trials of my loved ones at home but I know that I was prompted to study about Faith and hope and trusting in the lord so that it would be easier to hear about these things. I know that God has a perfect plan and I know that as we trust in him we can face any trial. We have also seen a lot of trials in some of the families here this week but I am truly amazed by the strength of their testimonies. I love this Gospel so much. I love being able to teach others about how Christ truly paid the price of their sins and how it is that we can be perfected in him. I love knowing that no matter how we feel, no matter what we face he can help us. I love knowing that I, as a missionary, have the blessing to share this great news with everyone I meet. This week I really did a lot of reflecting and am just so blessed. I know that God lives and loves. I hope that you guys can have a better, safer week this week! I love you all so much!! 
Love always,
Hermana Searle