Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New photos!!

She liked the birthday package we sent to her

I love this picture so much!!!!!

I miss this cute face <3

We sent her a cake mix, frosting and candles so she could make a birthday cake

looks like the party favors were a hit :)

Birthday in a box :)

Longest bus ride ever!!!

Cute books they made for some of the kids

Staying in Vallarta :)

Hola Familia!!
First off, I didnt get transfered(: haha I will be here at least another six weeks in Vallarta!! And second, Thank you guys SO much for the birthday package!! I loved it so much(: This week has been a super long week haha On tuesday we had district class and it was super fun haha we played games to get better at asking for references and it was just good. Then on Wednesday we went to Guadaljara for my companions follow up for new missionaries and oh my! First off, we are the farthest away from Guadalajara haha so its always an adventure getting there haha we left here at like 5:30 and got there at 10. We had the mettings, ate pizza and came back. The only bad part is the elders were in charge of picking the bus and we took a super cheap bus that stopped like 20 times and had movies with the volume as loud as possible, and there was a TON of traffic so basically it was the longest bus ride ever. haha but we got back safely and all is well! On Thursday we had our weekly planning and it was a pretty normal day. On friday we felt like it was Saturday all day haha but it was a good day. Saturday we got to go to the Womens conference and it was so great! I loved it sooo much(: And, one of our newer investigators, Sussane told us she recieved her answer from the conference and wants to be baptized (: We were so happy!! Yesterday we had such a great day! We found two new investigators and had great lessons with Enrique, Glafira and Alvero and it really made the week so much better! I am sorry there arent a lot of details this week but we really havent had too much happen and because of that it was the longest week! haha We hope to be able to find more people in their houses this week and to be able to teach more to have a more eventful week! I hope you guys enjoy conference and your week! I love you all sooo much! Thank you guys again for the package!! I love you (: 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crazy Week :)

Hola Familia!
This week was such a great week But a little crazy haha(:  I can’t even explain how blessed I have felt this week! First off I will explain the little disaster that almost happened ha. It had been super rainy last week and it was perfect for us as missionaries as we were walking and what not but for the other people, and for the rivers here it isn’t too great. So on Tuesday we received a phone call from Hna.Berenice and she asked us in case of an emergency, if we could feed her puppies. So we said yes but asked why she was worried and she explained to us that the bridge that goes from this part of Vallarta to the other part might close due to the river. So anyway the river that is normally really little water was filling very quickly and was almost flooding the bridge. So we just said we would help if she needed and all was well. Then Hna.Karla called and asked if we could find a way to have someone pick Franco up from school because she was on the other side of the bridge and couldn’t get home in time to get him so we worked with the Relief Society President and she took care of Franco. Then when we were in lunch they explained that if the river got any fuller that they would open the Dam and all the water would come into where we live. But we live in a little apartment that is on the second story so we knew we would be okay. And honestly we didn’t even feel worried but everyone seemed to be in panic. But something really cool is EVERYONE, members that haven’t gone to church forever, our investigators, everyone called us and made sure we were safe. It was really cool to see how many people really are looking out for us. But all in all nothing flooded. The rain stopped, and the river started to calm down. So then we as well as everyone here were able to really see the blessings of being save. It was a crazy experience to see everyone so worried but they all had so much faith in that we would be okay and that as well was a great thing. It was a moment when everyone really understood that we really aren’t anything without our Heavenly Father. And it was a very humbling experience.
  But anyway as for the rest of the week! On Monday we had a yoga class haha which was super fun! On Tuesday we had we had a really good lesson with one of the new families we are teaching! We taught Clafira and her girls and they are super great they are proressing so much and have gone to church twice and they love being in church! We also were able to teach Lizbeth and she as well is progressing again(: On Wednesday we had lessons with Hermana Betty and it went really well! We also got to talk to Berenice, our investigator, and she has finally made her decision and has decided to get baptized (: We were SO happy when she told us that (: On Thursday we had weekly planning and in the afternoon Hna.karla came and taught with us! She is so great and has such a strong testimony and loves sharing it so that was super awesome! And then Friday was an amazing day! We had Zone Conference(: and it was so great! We got to watch Meet the Mormons, and we talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation! And President Wagner taught us in a way that was super powerful! I learned so much! And I loved Meet the Mormons(: haha and then on Saturday we had some good lessons as well and had our meeting with our ward mission leader, Hno.Alejo! and yesterday we went to two sacraments again so we could introduce Clafira and her girls to the missionaries in the other ward because they will be attending that ward each week so the sisters are going to help us! But overall we had 8 of our investigators in church and 5 of the less active members! It was so great (:  The talks were great and the spirit was so strong! It was such a great week! And this week we will be going to Guadalajara for my companions follow up for new missionaries! And it is the last week of the transfer but Im pretty sure we will stay here because my companion is still in her training but we just never know what will happen! Haha But overall things are going great! I love this work and I love being here! I hope that you guys have an amazing week! I love you all so much!!
Love always,
Hermana Searle 


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Birthday Pics :)

Hermana Searle was well taken care of on her birthday!  The people in Mexico are so good to her.  She was a bit spoiled and she was very happy.  I feel so blessed that she is surrounded by such great people.  She has been in Vallarta for a long time and the people there are like family.  It is going to be a sad day when she gets transferred.  I will forever be thankful for all that the people do for her.  I hope that one day I will get to meet them in person and thank them.

Birthday was Awesome :)

Hola Familia!
First off I want to thank you guys soooo much for getting those videos to Aby(: That seriously was the best birthday present ever!! You guys are the best! (: this week was really great! We had a lot of really great lessons and have found some new investigators! Enrique is still progressing really well and I truly have loved seeing him and his family grow stronger as they have all come closer to our heavenly father! (: On Wednesday we had quite the adventure haha the assistants called us and told me I had to print out stuff for my visa and get it to the zone leaders because as crazy as it sounds I have been in Mexico for almost a year! haha so yeah we have to renew our visas! So on Wednesday we had planned to go to eat with Nayheli and then she was going to come teach with us however our zone leaders werent too great at coordinating haha so we went to eat and Nayheli and Danny(her boyfriend) had the people at the restaurant sing to me haha and then we finally got to where we were meeting the zone leaders and then Nayheli was out of time and couldnt come teach with us because she had institue so we ended up changing a lot of plans but it was a really good day! We then on Thursday had weekly planning and had some really great lessons as well! And on Friday we had a blast! haha we woke up and my comp gave me coca-cola and a milky way haha and then after we studied and what not we went and taught the Romeros and they fed us breakfast! It was super yummy haha and then we went and taught Hno.Morales. adn then Hna.Karla and she was who we ate lunch with that day and she made me a cake! (: haha and then we went  the Bautistas house because they told us they needed to see us and we got there and they had a cake for me (: haha and then we went to visit Hna.Creron and Sergio and then we went to the Najeras! And lets just say their surprise of moms enchilladas and your guys vidoes were the best thing ever!!! Thank you guys so much for that! Then on Saturday we had a house check from Elder and Sister Kingsford and they were content with how our house is, yay! And then yesterday we went to two church services because 3 of our investigators could only go at 8, and our ward is at 12 so we spent allll day in the church! haha but it was really great! The spirit was super strong yesterday and I truly loved each of the talks and the things I learned from them(: It has been super rainy today and yesterday and I have loved it! Its nice to have cool weather! haha but overall things here are great! We have Zone Conference on friday and it should be great! I hope that you guys have an amazing week! I love you all so much!!(:
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

YAY for a great week :)

Hola Familia(: 
Hey guys! This week flew by!!! I am glad to hear that things are going well back home! Things here are going so great! This week has really been a good week! On Monday we were able to be with the Najeras and I just love them! They are always super good to us! On Tuesday we had a zone meeting and we got a lot of new stuff to try and help our investigators which was awesome! On Wednesday we were able to teach a lot with Hna.Betty and we had some really good lessons! On Thursday we had weekly planning and it was a pretty normal day! However, we had to say by to Hna.Herwig and her family because they moved to Nebraska :( It was really hard saying bye to them because they are some of my very favorite people! She is the grandma of Diego(the little boy who was singing "Sin Gasolina") But we decided that 8 months from now we will have to plan a way to meet up so I can see them again! But they are a great family and I know that it is a big change that they need right now in their lives! On Friday we had splits with Sister Mills and Sister Cadena! I got to be with Sister Mills in her area and it truly was a blast(: haha I LOVE working with her haha we always have so much fun and its always fun talking about SUU haha and just being with someone I knew before my mission but the best part was we got to have a blast teaching as well! We went to visit one of her less-active members who lives with her 3 little grandkids. They have a pretty sad life honestly because the mom of the Grandkids passed away 2 years ago, and the dad is hardly ever home and has a few problems so the kids dont have a very stable life so we decided to tell them that if we could teach for 5 minutes we would then play a game with them so they all sat quietly and listened as we taught a short message and then we played tag hahaha and it was so fun! They were all laughing so hard and they are just adorable and it was so cool to see the grandma happy and laughing and not stressed out for the hard work of raising her grandkids. And then we continued teaching and we taught another less-active who has 5 kids all under the age of 7! And her kids as well were a little hyper so we did the same with them but instead of tag we played soccer haha and it really was so much fun! I defintley miss playing games with all my little cousins but I love the kids here! I wish you guys could meet them because they all are truly adorable! I really feel like the day I leave Vallarta will be one of the hardest days because I will leave a big piece of my heart here! This week I have felt so blessed because I have decided to just not worry about things I cant change and I have just started taking in every minute and loving it! On saturday we had a relief society activity and it was really fun and then yesterday was great as well! Enrique came to church and it was soo great seeing him there again! He is seriously one of the greatest investigators in the world! We are just waiting for him and Karla to get married so that he can be baptized and they are in the process of getting all the papers and everything ready right now(: They are such a great family! But overall it was an amazing week!! Thank you guys so much for the birthday wishes!!(: I love you guys so much and I hope you all have an amazing week!(: 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hardest week yet!!

Well, Kylie had a pretty rough week.  She wrote me a really long letter during the week and then took pictures of it and attached it in my personal email.  She said it was the roughest week she has had but that all is well now.  I am not posting the letter but I am posting  the email she sent as a group email.  Please remember her in your prayers as she continues to learn and grow through this difficult stage of her journey.  Thank you!

Hola Familia! 
My oh my! This week has been really interesting! haha we have had a lot of little problems here and there but I have been able to really learn a lot this week! Last monday we were able to do some exploring here in Vallarta with Hna.Jaquelyn and it was SOOO fun(: I will send pictures! We also have been able to set a lot of goals here as a district to help the ward and we are really looking forward to that! This week I have had a lot of time to really learn patience. And I have also seen so many miracles this week as well! We have a less active here whose name is Saul. And he has a little over a year as a member and for the 6 months I have been here in Vallarta we have been trying to get him back to church and he came to church yesterday(: And he brought his cute little sister(: It was so awesome to see him there! It was such a great thing seeing him be able to come back to the church! 
Also, Karla, a less active, bore her testimony for the first time yesterday and it was so cool! Her husband, Enrique is one of our investigators and he is progressing sooo much! They are such a great family and we have loved being able to work with them! Berenice and her little kids were in church as well and they are going through some pretty rough things but Berenice is sooo strong and such a great example! I am so proud of her and all the changes she has made for her family to be better off(: We have recieved a lot of help from Hermana Betty( the stake relief society president) and Hermana Jaquelyn as well and it has been so nice being able to work with them! On Saturday we were able to do splits with the sisters in the ward and I got to go with Hermana Betty and it was great! She has such a strong testimony and the whole day she was giving me advice for my future! haha But overall it has been a week of learning and growing and I am very thankful for the love and support I have recieved from you guys! I love you all sooo much and I hope you have an amazing week(: 
Love always,
Hermana Searle