Monday, August 24, 2015

Pics :)

Busy Week For Hermana Searle :)

Hola Familia!!(: 
Let the craziness begin haha. So this week I finally came to understand why the STL always were so busy haha. On Tuesday we had our zone class and I was super nervous haha because I had to teach in front of the whole zone but it went SO well! We taught about the opportunities we have as missionaries and it was overall a great class. The Zone leaders did great and rerally brought the spirit and overall it was amazing. When we were finishing I was sharing my testimony about the mission and for the first time I got emotional to really realize Im in the last part of my mission, almost everyone in the zone is a new missionary and it was cool to reflect on when I first started and to make personal goals to finish strong. After the Zone class we had splits with the sisters that are in a trio. I went to their area with Sis.Rodriguez and Sis.Harris and Sis. Aris was with Sis. Mejia here in our area. It was a really great experience! we have really great missionaries here in our zone(: Then on wednesday we finished the splits and I came back to lomas. Wednesday we were able to work hard in our area and on Thursday as well. Then on Friday we had splits with the sisters from Tesistan! I got to be in my area with Sis.patterson(: And Sis.Aris went to the other area with Sis.De la fuente! It was really cool being with Sis. Patterson. She finishes her mission in 3 weeks! She is a great missionary and we have been in the same zone before and are really good friends so I enjoyed working with her! We had a good time and we were able to do a lot of service! we helped on of our investigators prepare all the food she sells and then helped a sister who just had a tumor removed bath all her puppies haha she has a ton of poodles haha it was fun. And then Saturday we switched back again. I really really like working with the other sisters, It is kind of weird leaving my area and being with different campions all the time but I feel like I am learning SO much! Yesterday in church a brother just got home from his mission and gave a talk and it was really good! The spirit was super strong, also a brother from the ward who has been home for about a year talked and he served his mission in Chile(fun fact: him and David Archuleta were companions for 6 months and are like best friends haha) and he talked about how when they first got to chile they didnt have their visas and were stuck in the airport police office for 9 hours but he talked about how there is oppostiton in all things but they all had the faith that things would work out because Gods work will always move forward and it was a cool story! they were able to leave and preach the gospel and all had great experiences!
 Things here are really going So well! I love being here so much! I am glad that you guys are all doing great back home! I hope that you guys have another amazing week! I love you guys! 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Book of Mormon Challenge

Hola Familia!! 
What a great week it has been!! (: This week we had mission council on tuesday and it was such a great meeting! The spirit was so strong and I was able to learn so much. President and Sister Clayton talked to us a lot about how this time as missionaries is our time to prepare us for the rest of our lives and how blessed we are to be a part of this work! It was really an amazing experience! We were also able to have splits with Sister Strong and Sister Diaz(not my companion, another sis. diaz haha) and it went great! I was with Sister strong in her area, she goes home the same day as me and we both were just shocked at how fast time has gone by! It was cool working with her though. She is a really good missionary! On Saturday Indara got baptized(: Indara is 8 and her mom is a less-active memeber and we were teaching her the lessons since she hasnt gone to church much and she was SO happy to be baptized. Her sisters, who are also less-active both gave talks in the baptism and it was such a great service! the spirit was so strong and everyone was just so happy for Indara! (: We are seeing some really great things here and I am really enjoying being in my new area! Starting today I am going to be reading the Book of Mormon one more time in my mission and I would love it if you guys wanted to join me in my 70 day book of mormon challange! (: haha. I know that it might be hard because you guys dont have time set apart each day to study but if you read 7.5 pages a day you can achieve it(: I love this Gospel so much and all the blessings I have seen in my life because of it! I am so glad to know you are all doing so well! I hope you guys have another amazing week! I love you all so much! 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Shortest Email ever :(

Hola Familia!
My new area is so much different then san blas haha but it is great!  This week I have just been trying to get to know the area and meet the people here! It has been a good experience so far! This upcoming week we have our mission conference with President Clayton, the assistants the zone leaders and the other Sister Training leaders which should be really great! We also have splits with the other missionaries in our zone and I am really looking forward to working with them! (: Things here really are great! The members here are so awesome and have such strong desires to help us in the missionary work! i dont have much to say for things here this week because really it was a lot of walking trying to get to know my area haha but I am doing great!
I cant believe Ty is home!!! It seems like he just left not too long ago! And it is so crazy Jade is heading off to college and Grayson is turning 1!! Time goes by so fast! But I am so glad you are all doing so well! I love you guys so much!! I hope you guys have another amazing week! 
Love always
Hermana Searle

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pics of last day in San Blas

last day in San Blas. these two elders are hands down my favorite elders in this mission hah i am going to miss them and their goofy attitudes lol but i am looking forward to being here in Guadalajara 



Hola Familia!! 
So, you guys will never guess what happened!! I got transfered!! Its super unreal to me! I thought for sure I would finish my mission in San Blas, especially because my companion still has 6 weeks left of her training! But, I got called as a new sister training leader here in Guadalajara! When the elders told me I seriously thought they were joking haha but I am really excited and nervous for my new assignment(: 
I am with Hermana Aris! She got here in the mission field the same day as I did, but since she was only in the CCM for 2 weeks she finishes her mission 6 weeks after me! I am really excited to work with her and all of the other sister here in our zone! My last week in San Blas went really well! We had a lot of really good lessons and were able to see a lot of progress there! The craziest part though is they closed my area! And now Elder Sosa and Elder Allen will have all of San Blas as their area! It was really weird saying buy to everyone so soon because I was only there 3 months but I know things happen for a reason! This week Hna.Aris is going to teach me how to be a sister training leader and hopefully I will be able to learn quickly(: I really just feel so blessed to have this time to learn from all of the sisters and President Clayton told me he wants me to finish my mission as a sister training leader so my last two transfers should be full of amazing experiences! 
I also want to thank you guys for the package!!! (: I love the shirt and my hoodie and I was in need of a new journal and everything you guys sent was so perfect so thank you guys so much! I am glad I have my favorite snacks from back home(: haha
I love you guys SO much and I hope you all have an amazing week!!! 
Love always,
Hermana Searle