Monday, April 6, 2015

Spiritual Promptings :)

Hola Familia! 
I am so glad to hear that things are going so well back home! I hope that you all enjoyed your Easter Weekend! I absolutlely loved conference! I loved every talk and I really enjoyed the spirit that was felt! This week for us has been such a fast week! I feel as though time is just going by way too fast! Since here it was Semana Santa we really had a hard time finding people to teach haha everyone goes to the beach and the only people we found are on vacation so that was kind of difficult! haha however, I feel as though we were truly guided by the spirit this week! In the area where we live we only have about 10 families that are members and we had visited almost every single one of them in our search to finding people to teach, however as we were wwalking we felt the need to visit Adonai, and we had visited her the day before but we thought we better follow the promtpings of the spirit and it was such a great lesson! She was going through a really hard moment and needed help and when we got there she was so relieved to see us and to be able to talk to us and express how she was feeling and we were able to be guided and to help her to really know that her Heavenly Father loves her and wants nothing but the best for her! Then yesterday we got to Hno.Juans house at another really important time, He just had two of his uncles pass away and we were able to talk to Coral, his girlfriend, and help her to know ways she can help him and it was another good lesson. We had a lot of little experiences like these that really made this week a good week! Also, this week Enrique, Glafira and Alvero all went to conference and had such great experiences! We are so happy to see how well they are progressing and how much they love the things they are learning.
As you all know it was Easter yesterday and I am so thankful to know that My Savior lives. That he loves us and that he really overcame death for us! I know that he loves us and that he is always there for us! I love this Gospel so much and I love teaching it to others! I hope that you guys have an amazing week! I love you guys soo much! 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

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