Monday, July 14, 2014

Crazy Week :)

Hola Familia!! 
well this week was quite the week! So tuesday and wednesday were pretty normal. On Tuesday we had our zone class and it was really good! on Wednesday we had our normal lessons and what not and we were with the Olvera Family who the daughters baptism date was the 12th. We did like a pre-interview thing and we just felt like they were so ready. We also had our interviews with President Wagner on Wednesday and it was really good. Hermana Fragoso prepped me and told me that every single new missionary that is from the United States cries in them. So i was all ready to be sad and start crying and I didnt cry at all! I was so proud of myself!  Then on Thursday we found out we had to go to Guadalajara on Friday for a training thing for me and all the other new missionaries. So Hermana Smith and Hermana Cruz slept at our house and we had to wake up at 4 Friday morning to be to the bus at 6! I was so tired!! haha but Guadalajara was really good! I got to see Hermana Newbold again and the elders from my district in the CCM(: Everyone is doing so good and it is so awesome! We didnt teach at all Friday because we got back at like 8:45 pm. but as we were coming back to Santiago the Elder that interviewed Rosario and Marina for their baptism called us and told us that Rosario didnt pass the interview and needs at least another week before baptism. This was so hard and sad to hear. They have been investigators for 4 months and we really didnt understand how she wasnt ready. I felt so bad that we hadnt taught her well enough for her to be ready, and her and her sister were both really sad about it. And then literally everyone in the ward was mad at the Elder that interviewed her. And it has been really hard. Hermana Fragoso and I have to defend like everyone all at the same time and its difficult. But it is getting better today we went to Marinas Graduation from Elementary school and the family feels a lot better about things and are less mad and are okay with the baptism being next week. So hopefully it works out. We plan to teach them every night this week and make sure she is ready. Sometimes i wish i could go back to not understanding anything so i wouldnt know when people are upset! It is a lot different in the mission field then it is at home. The people here have so many difficulties in their life and I am so glad we have the Gospel to help them!! The members here are so great and yesterday in church the little kids gave me and Hermana Fragoso a bunch of those braceltes that Brex and them always make with rubber bands! Their aunt said they were making them for hours just for us (: haha. We have a lot of new investigators this week and had 6 of our investigators in Church! We were so happy about that! This time is hard but it is also the most amazing experience ever. I am starting to feel more comfortable talking and the Spanish is getting easier! I love it so much here and this work is amazing! I am glad everyone had such a great week! I love you guys so much!(:

Love always,
Hermana Searle 

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