Tuesday, July 22, 2014

She's doing great!

Well this week was so fast, and so good! On Tuesday we had our district classes and then I was in a trio Tuesday from like 2pm- Wednesday at like 10am! It was so great. The best thing about Hermana Fragoso being the training leader for the Hermanas in our Zone is I get to go with other Hermanas 3 times each transfer and it is always cool to learn from them and meet their investigators! On Wednesday after we were all back with our companions we just had our normal lessons.On thursday we had weekly planning in the morning and after had lessons with Rosario and Marina who were getting ready for their baptism! The lessons with them are always really good! On Friday we decided we would try and teach one of our investigators who we havent been able to find for the past couple weeks. The first two times we had taught her we just thought she was going to progress so quickly but then after that anytime we went to teach her no one answered the door so we figured she didnt want more lessons. But during weekly planning we just felt like we needed to plan for her this week. So on Friday morning we went to her house and the door was open and she was happy to see us! She is 8 months pregnant and had been in the hospital because they were afraid her baby was going to be born early, but all is well and she should have the baby in about a month! She told us she really liked what she had read in the Book of Mormon and was glad we came back. She is super catholic so we figured it would be really hard to teach her but she just takes everything we say and really thinks about it! She has so much Faith in God and wants to know all she can about the Book of Mormon and how she can be closer to her Heavenly Father! So she accepted a baptismal date and when she said the closing prayer the spirit was so strong! Her neighbor was there as well and she accepted a baptism date and asked for a Book of Mormon(: On Saturday we had the baptism of Rosario and Marina(: It was soooo great! They were so happy and just it is indescribable! After they were baptized they had time to share their testimonies with those that were there and Marina is 11, and she has such a strong testimony of how much the gospel changed her life and her family. It was just so great! Yesterday they were confirmed and said they just have so much peace and happiness in their lives! We had a really interesting lesson yesterday...haha. After church we decided to go and teach The Alcaraz family. The parents are less active members and the two daughters want to be baptized.. Well they sell pirated movies, in front of a Catholic Church, and yesterday just so happened to be a big ceremony for the church and they had a parade where all the people were dancing. And the dance is like a cultural dance for Mexico that goes wayyyyy back in time and they do this dance to give thanks to The Virgin Mary when they recieve blessing, and they set off fireworks all day and it is just quite interesting to say the least. So just picture 2 LDS missionaries trying to teach investigators with illegal movies and the parade of another religion... It was something else!! My companion and I couldnt help but laugh after because of how not ideal of an enviroment it was. But the dad has a really strong testimony and knows he needs the gospel for him and his daughters, so that was good! This week we really want to find some new investigators and work on getting them to church! So hopefully all works out well! I am so glad you guys are doing so great I love and miss you guys so much!! I hope you have a great week (: 

Love Always,
Hermana Searle 

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