Monday, September 22, 2014

Another great week!

Hola Familia!
So this week was really good!! On Tuesday we had our district class and then had a practice for a song we would be singing in Stake conference! haha It went well and there are about 36 missionaries here in Puerto Vallarta! It is super crazy! haha we had a lot of good lessons this week as well! We finally were able to teach one of our new Investigators! Her name is Erika and she is awesome!! Her story of how she found out about the church is pretty great! She works with one of the members here and one day had hymns playing on her phone so the member heard them so he was all " Oh so i guess I am safe to call you sister?" And she was all, "Well im not a member I just love the Hymns." So he contacted Hermana Zepeda before I got here and finally we were able to teach her! She is so great! The spirit was so strong in the lesson and I just know she will progress! She was talking about how she has always been looking for the guidance of the Lord in her life and she feels like she has found it through the hymns she has heard and the things we were teaching her! It is so cool to see people be so strong and have such a strong tesatimony of our Savior before they even get baptized into his church! We also were able to meet with a recent convert this week! His name is Alan and he got baptized 6 months ago! He just moved here to live with his mom, because he was living with his dad, and he wants us to teach her! He is so happy and excited to be a member of the church and in 6 months can submit his papers for the mission! We have a Family Home Evening tonight with him and his mom! So that should be really good! We also had Stake Conference this week and it was amazing! President and Sister Wagner were there and I just love when we get to hear them speak! THe whole conference was just amazing! Of course there was a lot of talk about missionary work and a lot about how the members can be apart of this work! And it was just a really good conference! It got me even more excited for General Conference in a couple weeks! The weather here has been super bipolar this week haha and it will be super nice in the mornings than super hot in the afternoon then cold at night haha so thats been fun! And the only hard thing we have had this week is our phone broke... And it is nearly impossible to talk to members and our leaders without a phone! ha we have the sim card so anytime we are with people we ask if we can switch the sim cards and borrow their phone ha its kinda crazy and we will probably be without a phone until Oct. 3rd! But all is well! haha we are getting really good at walking really fast from house to house to hopefully have time to find members! But really I am so happy here in Vallarta! I love it here and me and Hermana Zepeda are such good friends! I am already getting sad that she is leaving so soon! But I feel blessed to have the chance to work with her! I am learning so much and she is even doing some training stuff with me so I can feel more prepared when I get a new companion! Things here are going so great and I am so happy! Also, I am super glad things back home seem to be going great as well! (: I love you guys so much!
Love always,
Hermana Searle

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