Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cambios (I think this means transfers)

> Hola Familia!
> What a week it has been!! So to start on Tuesday we found out that Rosa and Jose, the parents of Marina and Rosario, would be getting married on Friday which means they would be one step closer to baptism..yay(: and we were so excited about that! On Wednesday we were in Colima on Wednesday for a conference with Elder Piper, from the 70, and it was AMAZING! We talked about how missionary work is the work of Salvation and all the things we need to do as missionaries, and as members of the church, to help others to come unto Christ! I learned soo much I have about 10 pages of notes I can share with you all in 14 months! haha But on Wednesday night we had no power, and it was sooo hot and so miserable but we got it all figured out by the next morning. The contract for the power expired and the owner of the house was supposed to renew it and didnt but he went and did it on Thursday! On Thursday we found a family that everyone but the youngest daughter is a member, they were in my Zone leaders first area and they then lived in the US for awhile. They are a really great family and want to be strong in the church and be good examples to their daughter as she prepares for baptism! On Friday we had the wedding of Jose and Rosa, and it was in a courthouse type thing and I got to be a witness(: I didnt know it was possible to be a witness for a wedding in a country i dont have citizenship in but it was really cool! They were so happy to finally be married, and now all they need to do to be baptized is have their interviews! They will most likely be baptized on Saturday (: Then on Saturday Hermana Fragoso was in Guadaljara and I was with Hermana Vera and Hermana Girardelli! It was a really good day and we had some really good lessons! Yesterday was super long, we were anxiously waiting for the call about cambios and were so nervous! We ate lunch with almost everyone in the ward and we were all guessing what the changes would be! At 5 we were in a lesson with Petra, she is a less active, and her siter, mom and husband Victor, who is an investigator, and we got the phone call! We then found out that I would be being sent to Guadalajara, but the assistants forgot to say who my companion was! Honestly, I was really sad, and Cambios are super hard. haha I started crying and the rest of the night was honestly pretty sad. The youth had an activity in the church so we went so i could say bye to all of them and their parents that were there. In the church Hna. Krishna, she is the district presidents wife and she teaches English here, came up to me and was crying and gave me a hug and was super sweet and told me how now not only do i have my family back home to support me but I have my family in Manzanillo as well. She told me I just need to keep working hard and I will change lives like I did in my other area. Her daughter Kaori, who is 13 or 14, was also so sad and we all just hugged and cried and it was super hard. Jose told me that I will always be in their hearts and a part of their lives because i signed their wedding papers(: It is super hard saying bye but I am super excited to be here in Guadaljara! My area is Providence 2 and my zone is Union! i am in a trio with Hermana Arellano and Hermana Huchendorf! I am excited for this new part of my mission and I am excited to be in a trio! I am so glad all is well back home! Everyone sounds great! I hope you guys have a great week!! I love you all so much!
> Love always,
> Hermana Searle

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