Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cavity free :)

Hola Familia!
What a week! haha so everything ended up well with the dentist and I now have cavity and retainer free teeth! haha. But this week was really great! We are really starting to see some progress with the ward here and it has been really great! We have some really strong members here who really want to help teach the investigators! It is really great to have their support! This week we had a really cool experience, we were looking for one of our investigators, but she wasnt home but her son answered the door and as my companion was talking to him a man asked if we had a book or a pamphlet that he could read So i started talkingto him and explaining that we are missionaries and everything and we had a member with us and she shared her testimony with him and we gave him a Book Of Mormon and set up an appointment with him and then he asked if he could go to church and we of course said yes and he came to church with us yesterday!! It was so cool because people dont usualley come up to us and ask to go to church or anything but it was such a cool experience and we really think he will progress! This week we also had some really good lessons with Guadalupe and her mom Juana. Guadalupe is a lady who really understands the scriptures and she told us that the Book Of Mormon was the answer to her prayers! She accepted a Baptism date for the 13th of December and we are really excited to teach her! This week we also were able to teach Edith and she too will be progressing she is really great and so are her kids. We had breakfast with them the other day and I gave her kids an English lesson and they are just a really awesome family! But her husband lives in Seattle and she hasnt heard from him for 2 weeks so she is really worried but it all has helped her come closer to our Heavenly Father! We have a lot of work to do with them still and hope to help them out and hopefully they will be baptized soon! Things are so great here and the weather is even getting better too! I am loving being here and I am so glad all is well back home! I love you guys so much and I hope you all have a great week!
Love always,
Hermana Searle

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