Monday, August 11, 2014

Another week :)

Hola Familia!
Well this week was really good! It was super long though because all week I was so anxious to see if Grayson had been born! haha. But this week was good! On Tuesday we were with Hermana Smith and Hermana Cruz and for about 3 hours it was just me and Hermana Smith and a member from her ward and our companions were in a different part of their area and oh my haha. There is a reason they dont have two americans as companions here!! haha. But it was good we had some really good lessons! we also spent a lot of time this week getting ready for the play we had to do yesterday and that was interesting! haha lets just say when you put 20 missionaries together to come up with a play it is quite a disaster! But we pulled it off and the district president was happy with it and all went well! haha This week we had a lesson that was really interesting to say the least. it was with the family that is of no religion but they study the bible and want to find the right religion. We were teaching the mom about the Book of Mormon and she had 10000 questions. Which were all really interesting. We answered all of them with scriptures and were feeling so great about the lesson, at one point I was bearing my testimony of the Book of Mormon and then my companion did as well and the spirit was soo strong and she was really thinking about what we had said and I thought for sure she was going to accept what we were saying and then her husband came outside and he had 100000 more questions and then his wife wasnt so sure about what we had said and it went downhill from there, but we really answered all their questions with scriptures in the bible about the book of mormon and testified with all we had and went on our way, it was kinda sad because we dont really know what we will do at this point with them but it was good as well. We also had a new investigator in church who we had contacted over a month ago in a park and he remembered where the church was and came and had read so much of the book of mormon we gave him and wants lessons in the church so we were super happy about that!(: The work here is going really well and we have some really good new investigators! I am glad you all had a good week! I cant believe summer is almost over! And Books will be starting her Junior year!! But I hope you guys have another good week! I love and miss you all! 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

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