Monday, August 18, 2014

Doing great!

Hola Familia! 
So this week was crazy fast! On Tuesday we had our district class like usual and spent most of the day looking for references. Sadly, we didnt find very many of them. But on Wednesday we had a really good day! We found a new investigator a couple of weeks ago and he wanted us to come teach him and his wife, his name is Armando and her name is Teresa and they have 4 kids, well she has 2 from another marriage, he has 1 from another marriage and they have 1 together. And we only met one of their kids but they really are a great family. They are super christian but want a change. They actually have a lot of marriage problems right now but you can just tell how much they really love each other. they both know they have things they need to change for their family and they seem to understand that the gospel is going to help them more than anything else! They are so nice to us too, they want our help and are the first people we have found that really seem to want to change because they understand it is what God wants. We have another lesson with them on Wednesday so hopefully it goes well! We were with Hermana Rodriguez and Hermana Santana Friday and Saturday and it was really good! I got to teach with Hermana Rodriguez and we had a really good day! we were able to find some of the references they had recieved and were able to teach some really good lessons! On Saturday and Sunday was stake, well district, conference and since we are in branches here President wagner is the President of not only the mission, but the branches as well. him and Hermana Wagner came to it and the conference was really really good! Everyone that spoke just really brought the spirit! I loved it! But, it definitley made me want it to be October for General Conference! But we also have our mission zone conference this week so that will be good! We had a really funny experience this week, hahaha. One day we were getting ready to leave our house and we get outside and it started POURING!! and usually when it starts pouring it is cloudy most the day with tons of puddles in the street so my companion was all. " i have 2 pairs of rain boots lets go get them." So we go change into rain boots get umbrellas and rain jackets and head back outside.. 2 minutes later it stops raining and the sun comes out so here we are walking through Mexico in rainboots and jackets when the sun is shining and its super hot! haha luckily we had other shoes in our bags and a member let us leave the boots at our house haha but everyone was looking at us like we were crazy because they were all in shorts, tank tops and sandals! haha but it was fun! We have a lot of good lessons planned for this week and hopefully all will go as planned! I am so glad everyone back home is doing well! I cant believe summer is over! And all the kids are starting school again and that books will be a Junior!! Crazy crazy! But I hope you guys have a great week! I love you all so much! 

Love always,
Hermana Searle

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