Monday, August 4, 2014

The Power of Prayer :)

Hola familia!
Well this week has gone by super fast, and nothing too crazy has happened. But on Tuesday I was in a trio all day because my companion was at a training in Guadalajara! We had to be to central, a bus station that is about 40 minutes from our house, at 6 in the morning so that wasnt the funnest haha. But being with the other hermanas was good! After when Hermana Fragoso got back we took another bus to go back to our house and it was the wrong bus!! haha So we were super lost and didnt really know what to do so we called our district leader and he told us to pray and be super careful and call the zone leaders and ask if they knew the area we were in. So we went and prayed and it was the first time since I have been here that i was scared, which is a blessing because sometimes it is kinda sketchy here. But we called the zone leaders and they told us to pray and find bus 2 and that they would pray for us too so we waited for what seemed like FOREVER and finally a bus came and now our only worry was getting back to our house before 9:30 but we got home at 9:30 without any problems! So that was such a blessing! I love knowing I can pray anytime i need anything and i will be watched over and protected! The rest of the week was really good! We have found some really really good new investigators!! We have 3 new families to teach that are just so ready to recieve the gospel! One of the families is the Perez family, they dont have a religion but they study the bible together every day as a family and have been searching for the right religion for the past 2 years and havent liked any church they have gone too because they have felt as though none of them are correct. Basically the perfect investigators! we are really looking forward to teaching them more(: Also, we have a neighbor who is one of our investigators and sells fruit and the other day we were talking to her at her little fruit cart and a man came to buy fruit and started asking about the church and he had had problems with alcohol for years but his friend always talked to him about how bad it is and talked to him about the bible so he started to go to AA classes and hasnt drank for like 2 years and he as well is looking for a church. So we explained that we are missionaries and explained a little bit about the gospel and the book of mormon and  gave him a book of mormon and he almost cried because he was so happy. It was such a neat experience! I love being able to teach people about the gospel and the book of mormon and just being a missionary is so amazing! We had a crazy thunderstorm the other night and it has been miserably hot since but things are going really well here! we have a play thing we are doing for all the members in the district next week and it hopefully will go well! I cant believe it has been 3 months since i left! It keeps going faster and faster! I am so glad all is well back home! Im sad the baby hasnt come yet!! But i am sure by next week he will be here! I love you guys so much! 

Love always,
Hermana Searle 

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