Monday, January 26, 2015

Almost halfway there:)

Hola Familia! 
It is so crazy that this week is my 9 month mark!!! Time is going so fast! I really cant believe it! This week was a really good week!! On Tuesday we had our zone class and I really enjoyed it! I love zone classes because we learn so much! We talked a lot about Priesthood and the importance of everyone understanding that the power of God really has been restored on the earth! This week we were able to teach a lot of really good lessons and we are still finding a lot of new investigators! Some of the best things this week were, Hermana Ceron is reading every day in her Book of Mormon and is teaching the things she learns to Sergio! She is preparing to go to the temple on March 14th! (: She came to church yesterday and is doing so great! We have been working with her since I got to Vallarta so it is so great to finally see the progress(: This week we also were able to have a really fun day with Fernanda(: haha she is the daughter of one of our Investigators and she is 7 and wants to be a missionary. She is always telling her family the things the Book of Mormon says because it is the things they need to do(: haha so Berenice asked us if we could talke her to teach with us one day for a little bit so her dream to be a missionary could come true and on Friday, with a sister from the ward, we helped Fer be a missionary(: Her mom even printed a little missionary tag for her from the Church website! It was so cute(: She shared her testimony in the lessons we taught and it was a really great experience! I really love seeing how much this little girl loves our savior! She doesnt even have anyone in her family that is a member but she just wants to share everything she is reading in the Book of Mormon with everyone and I really hope that one day soon her mom will be baptized! This week we also had splits with our Sister Training leader and her companion! I worked with Hermana Martinez and it was really good! We had a lot of fun and were able to teach some good lessons however, something really weird happened! We were teaching a lesson and one of the people we were teaching started acting really weird and saying there was something behind us and then when we finished the lesson we asked her if she would read the book of mormon and she started crying and left.. We felt horrible. Her friends then explained to us that they believe she has some type of spirit in her and that she needs someone to remove it. I honestly cant even explain what I was thinking at that moment but it led to a lot of learning and understanding because the next day we asked Brother Rodriguez, what we as women can do when this happens. And he taught us a lot about the power of being set apart as a Servant of the Lord. And he explained that once we are baptized we literally take the name of Jesus Christ upon ourselves, and through this, if we have faith and are worthy we will always have more power than any bad spirit that could be here! It was a really interesting experience but I really did learn a lot, and he gave us lots of scriptures to study as well! haha I hope you guys can understand all that because I feel like I cant explain very well! But anyway, other than that this week was pretty normal! We have a lot of goals for this week and for February! Time is going so fast and i really just cant believe it! It is so crazy that everyone is starting to finish their missions and that i am at the halfway mark! It is such a bitter sweet feeling because I miss you all like crazy but I absolutely love being a missionary!! But I am glad to know that you guys had a good week and that the birtdhays went well! I love you guys so much!! (: 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

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