Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Just another short email :)

I wish we got longer emails from her.  But, what can you do??  She seems to be happy so that's good :)

Hola Familia!!! (: 
I can not believe it is already June! Oh how time flies! This week was pretty good! We had a really good district class on Tuesday and we were able to set some new goals as a district to get more people on date for baptism! I am really enjoying being here with Sister Rodriguez! It is a really great area! There is a lot of work here but it is a lot of fun, we are constantly laughing and just truly enjoying being missionaries! On Wednesday we had a lot of really good lessons with some less active members and found some new part memeber families. On Thursday we had weekly planning and were able to put some more goals for this week of work! On friday we had a pretty normal day and then Saturday was an adventure haha. We decided to help Sis.Artigas because she was going to clean the church inside and out with Bro.Francisco so we went to help them and had to fill buckets of water and dump them outside on the pathway to get all the dirt off and we filled like 300 buckets haha it was a lot of work actually but it was really fun and then we went to lunch and then had to return to help the elders clean the church for a baptism and they didnt open the baptismal font early enough so we had to once again fill buckets to dump them in the font but the elders had to go print programs and get all the stuff ready so my comp. and I had to do it all haha it was kinda funny but my arms are sore now lol but the baptism went really well and it was overall a great day! Then yesterday we had 13 less-active members in church(: It was great to see them all there! I am really enjoying my time here in San blas(: I am glad to hear that all is going well back home and that you guys are all doing great! I love you all so much!! 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

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