Tuesday, July 28, 2015

PIzza and Coca-Cola :)

Hola Familia!! 
This week was just as crazy as the last! haha. On TUesday we had our zone class, which went really well. It was a little weird because the whole class they talked about marriage and the goals we need to set for ourselves, and the goals we can help the members make to be sealed in the temple. It was a really cool class but kinda weird talking about marriage in a room full of missionaries haha. But then we had splits with our sister training leaders. I was with Sister Tagg and it went SO great! She is a super awesome missionary and I really enjoyed working with her. We then had to go to Santiago again to meet up with our companions. Sis.Diaz and I then came back to San Blas for a couple hours and then had to travel 2 hours to get to Tepic so that we could stay with the sisters there to go to Guadaljara early Thursday morning. When we got to tepic it was us, Sis.Martinez, Sis.DOminguez, Sis.Blanco, and Sis.Wood. It was super fun haha we ordered pizza and coca-cola and maybe didnt sleep like we should have but we were all able to just relax a little from the everday stress of being a missionary! We then went to Guadaljara super early on Thursday to have a new missionary follow-up with President and Sister Clayton! It really went so well! They are so awesome! They even bought us donuts haha. We then started the journey back to san blas and got here late Thursday night. On Friday we had a pretty normal day with some really good lessons. And on Saturday the Elders set up an activity for the youth in which we had like a "Face2Face" with the missionaries and they were able to ask us any question they wanted. It was a little weird because some asked some really personal questions haha but it went really well and I think it really helped the youth to see that we are a lot like them and that we are here to help them and their families! We will be having anohter similar activity this week but with the adults, and the Branch President and his wife! It should go really well! Then yesterday we had so many people in church(: It was so great to see them all there and to see the happiness they felt in the church! Things are going so well here! I love it so much. Another weird thing is early this morning the mission secretaries called me and asked me to what airport I want to fly into :o haha because they are going to be buying my plane ticket soon! but things are going so great! I am glad to hear that you are all doing so great as well! I hope you guys have another amazing week!! I love you all so much! 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

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