Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Hola Familia!! 
So, you guys will never guess what happened!! I got transfered!! Its super unreal to me! I thought for sure I would finish my mission in San Blas, especially because my companion still has 6 weeks left of her training! But, I got called as a new sister training leader here in Guadalajara! When the elders told me I seriously thought they were joking haha but I am really excited and nervous for my new assignment(: 
I am with Hermana Aris! She got here in the mission field the same day as I did, but since she was only in the CCM for 2 weeks she finishes her mission 6 weeks after me! I am really excited to work with her and all of the other sister here in our zone! My last week in San Blas went really well! We had a lot of really good lessons and were able to see a lot of progress there! The craziest part though is they closed my area! And now Elder Sosa and Elder Allen will have all of San Blas as their area! It was really weird saying buy to everyone so soon because I was only there 3 months but I know things happen for a reason! This week Hna.Aris is going to teach me how to be a sister training leader and hopefully I will be able to learn quickly(: I really just feel so blessed to have this time to learn from all of the sisters and President Clayton told me he wants me to finish my mission as a sister training leader so my last two transfers should be full of amazing experiences! 
I also want to thank you guys for the package!!! (: I love the shirt and my hoodie and I was in need of a new journal and everything you guys sent was so perfect so thank you guys so much! I am glad I have my favorite snacks from back home(: haha
I love you guys SO much and I hope you all have an amazing week!!! 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

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