Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Great week :)

Hola Familia!! 
What a fast week it has been!! Things here have been really great! It has been a week full of learning and seeing little miracles! (: On tuesday we had a really great district class in which we talked about the atonement and missionary work and I just love knowing that as a missionary I have the opportunity to teach everyone about Christs atoning sacrifice for us. It was a great meeting. On wednesday we had a normal day with some really good lessons! And on Thursday we had interviews with President Clayton(: When I went into my interview President clayton said, " SIster Searle, it looks like in 2 short months you will be going home in 2 short months, how does that make you feel?" haha and i just lauhged because i felt like it was a thereapy session haha but it was a really great interview! I explained to President that I am getting so excited to see you all again and that I just plan to finishing my mission off strong and he told me to just make sure I take time to enjoy it all! He gave me some really great advice on how I can stay focused but at the same time let the Lord prepare me for when I finish my mission! I really enjoyed the interview! We also had little interviews with Sister Clayton and shes just awesome! haha I love her so much! She gave Sis.Aris and I a special assignment and when we get it all finished I will send you all pictures(: 
On Friday and Saturday we had splits with the sisters and I was in the area of the other sisters with Sister Flores. It was really great to work with her. I learned a lot! 
On Saturday night the bishop called us and told us we would be speaking in church haha it was a blessing he told us with such little notice so I didnt get too nervous haha but it went well! 
Now for the little miracles(: 
There is a sister here in the ward who had a surgery a couple weeks ago to remove a tumor. It has been a really hard process for her because she is about 45 and she lives with her mom who has a lot of health problems. Her sister has been here from out of town helping her but, her sisters daughter leaves on her mission September 15 so she needs to get back to her house to help her daughter and the sister who got the surgery had to get another surgery yesterday because there were complications. This sister had some problems with some other sisters in the ward who never really took the time to help others and these sisters have been by her side since the first surgery. they have been preparing her food, staying nights in the hospital with her, visiting her mom and doing all they can to help her. The sisters in this ward have truly come together to make things so much easier for this family! It has been so amazing to see it. 
Another story is there is a brother in the ward who is 97 years old and he as well is pretty sick he has cancer and has been in and out of the hospital. When he is in his house we always go and sing him hymns and he just has so much faith in Christ and the plan that God has for him. His wife who is 94 I believe is such a trooper, when I first got here she was in a depression and was so sad but these past couple days she has recieved so much strenght and peace in her life and always tells us she knows that its not a seperation for very much time because she will be with her husband forever. It has been so cool seeing how much peace these people have recieved these last couple weeks. 
There are so many things I could share with you guys but I would be writing a book haha but really things are going so well here. I feel so blessed to be in this area and to be able to see the power of Christs atonement in the lives of so many people. 
It makes me sad to hear about Ryan. His family will be in my prayers. 
I will also be praying for Josh so that he can recover quickly and that the doctors will be guided.
I am so proud of Kendall and how far she has come I know that through her faith and all her hard work she will be able to walk this week! Please keep me updated! I am sorry it was such an emotional week back home but I love you all so much! I know that god has a perfect plan and through Christ we can all find the comfort that we need! I love you all so much!!! 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

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