Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Power of Prayer :)

Hola Family!!!(: 
What a week it was! haha this week I was in other areas more than my own haha. On tuesday we had splits with Sister Guzman and Sister Capallan and I was with Sister Guzman in her area! She is a really great missionary and I really enjoyed working with her! On Wednesday afternoon I came back to my area and finished the day here and then on thursday we had our weekly planning and a normal day then Friday it was off to another area with sister Huamani and my companion was in our area with Sister Hernandez! I also really enjoyed working with Sister Huamani, we are so blessed to have really great sisters here in this zone! Then on Saturday we came back to our area and went to the hospital to visit Sister De la fuente because she had been in the hospital since thursday due to a kidney infection(dont worry, she got released today) And we didnt get back home until 9:30 and then Sunday we had church and it was such a great fast and testimony meeting! The spirit was so strong and I loved everyones testimonies! This morning we were able to go back to the hospital with the sisters and help them get all checked out and now they are back in their apartment! Overall it was a super busy week! Something I really am so grateful for though is this week is the comfort I have recieved and the strength my Heavenly Father has given me. It was hard hearing about Josh and Ryan and then having one of the sisters here be hospitalized but as I really prayed and studied in the scriptures I recieved so much peace and I am so thankful for the power of prayer and of fasting. I know that God loves us and I know that he is ALWAYS there for us if we just let him in. I know that as we do what he asks of us we can find peace even in the hardest of times. I am so thankful for the gospel and for the love my savior shows me on a daily basis. I am so thankful for the small and simple things that can always help me to know he is there! I love this work and I love the gospel SO much(: I hope that you guys have another amazing week! 
Love always,
Hermana Searle

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