Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Not much to say :(

Hola Familia! 
This week FLEW by! i cant believe it! haha. It was a decent week here! I am really enjoying everything so much! On Tuesday we had our district class which went really well! Wednesday was a little rough though. haha i got sick and was sick most of the week! But dont worry, im better now! haha on Thursday we were able to have some really good lessons and then on Friday we had splits with Sister Hernandez and Sister Huamani! It went really well. I stayed here in my area with Sister Huamani. We had some good lessons and things went really well. On Saturday we were able to go to the womens conference and it was really great. I really enjoyed it. i know this is super short but I feel like this week just went by so fast and not a whole lot of stuff happened. haha but I am really enjoying everything and am glad to hear you are all doing well back home! I love you guys so much!
Love alwayas,
Hermana Searle

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