Thursday, May 8, 2014

LDS Hunger Games...haha!!

hey everyone!
so the first week in the CCM has been so crazy! on the day we got to mexico we were to the airport by like 2:00 pm. we waited for all the missionaries to get here and then went on school busses to the CCM. the way people drive here is insane! haha it is so crazy and i am so glad i never have to drive! when we got here we had orientation stuff and then met our companions and got to go to our casa! My companion is Hermana Smith! she is awesome! she is from west point utah! we share a room with Hermana Richins, who is from St.George and Hermana Newbold, who is from south Jordan! Hermana Newbold is my best friend haha i love her to death! our district is sooo fun! we have 6 Hermanas, and 6 Elders! They are all so nice and fun! We make learning Spanish a blast! our teacher is Hermano Hernandez and he is David Archuletas Latino twin!! haha they are like identical but Hermano Hernandez is very latino! he is so funny though! he knows english but not very well so we teach him more english as he teaches us spanish! he always does that weird hand thing mav does haha. And he makes us go have conversations with the workers here who only speak spanish. its fun! we are constantly busy! we have like 5 classes a day and then we have yummy food for our meals. we are so tired every night when it is bedtime so i sleep so well! The days go pretty fast but i somehow feel like i have been here for like months! haha. fun fact about the CCM.. It is practically the LDS  hunger games here! We are in a fenced in area, we are in districts, Saturday after lunch they said "this is your last meal until next week" (fast Sunday starts Saturday after lunch), and there are all these canon sounds alllll the time, the teachers say its fireworks in the city, but we never see them. haha its really funny we all laugh every time one goes off. the weather here is perfect! it rains all the time but usually when we are in class and then just feels perfect! It is still surreal to me that this is my life now. i have always seen missionaries and even here see them and cant believe i am one of them! It is so cool! i feel like i never really know what people are saying or what is going on but i still just am so happy! the spirit is so strong here!! last night was my first "Christmas Eve" of my mission. Christmas eve is just the night before pday and it was so fun we played games and just acted like normal teenagers again. it was nice to just be able to do something other than study! Dont get me wrong, i love thos work and i love studying spanish but sometimes you just need a break! however my break didnt last very long because first thing this morning i was informed that i am speaking in sacrament this week! haha and it has to be a 6 minute talk all in spanish! haha so that will be interesting! i feel like this email is crazy and scattered but basically i love it here! i love being a missioonary! it is hard being away but i know this is where i need to be! I love and miss all of you!! I hope you have a good week! 
love always,
Hermana Searle

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