Thursday, May 22, 2014

Week 3- Moving day, Abram Beazer, Dreams of home...

hey everyone! so this week has been great! the classes are just normal nothing too exciting happems. but we had two devotionals. in one of them was a brodcast and it was elder Bednar and it was amazing! it was about how Christ did so much for us so selflessly and it just made me think a lot. he was rejected, and faced so many difficult things for us. and he never thought about himself, or asked for much in return. I want to be more like that. Christ loved everyone and even when people did things he didnt appreciate he just had so much love for them. this week i also realized that when i get home from my mission i still wouldnt even be old enough to submit my papers if they hadnt changed the age. i feel so lucky to be able to serve at 19 years old! it is a huge blessing! i cant even imagine doing anything else with my life right now! at the other devotional my district had to sing. haha and lets just say, me and singing arent a good combination especially when its in spanish! haha but it wasnt too bad! I keep having weird dreams here. i keep dreaming about being home and wake up super confused so thats not very fun haha. but its all good! This week we had to change houses because they were doing maintenace on ours and when we were moving we didnt really want to pack everything so we just took a million trips and it reminded me of when Brit and i carried a mattress down the street when they moved hahaha. last random thing of the week, i was sitting at dinner last night and i like looked up and Abram Beazer was sitting at a table by us! Crazy, huh? It was cool to see someone i know! He just got her yesterday so im kinda jealous he just got to see his family! haha but its been a pretty good week! I hope all is well at home! I love you guys!
Hermana Searle

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