Sunday, May 11, 2014

Skype...kinda :)

Well today is Mothers day which means Kylie was able to Skype!!!  Yay, except for the fact that the computers at the CCM  don't have!!!!  Therefore, she was able to see us but we could not see her.  I was pretty sad about it.  But, it was so great to hear her cute voice.  She sounds really good and she is staying super positive.  She did cry a little when she first saw us and then again when we had to say goodbye.  But, I think overall she is really enjoying her new life.  She has a best friend, Hermana Brooke Newbold.  They get along great and I think they will be lifelong friends!!  I am so thankful that she has found a BFF:)  It will definitely make things a lot easier.  While we were skyping I opened the mothers day gift she had bought for me before she left.  It was a build-a-bear that she had made for me.  Sweetest thing ever.  If you push on its paw it has a recording of Kylie's voice saying "good night mom, I love you"  Yup, that made me cry.  A couple weeks before she left she said that to me before she went to bed (like she does every night) and I said "I'm sure going to miss hearing that"  Well, sweet girl that she is made it so I don't have to go 18 months without hearing it.  I love her!!!!  I think overall she is doing really wonderful and she is going to be a fabulous missionary.  I am so thankful we were able to talk to her.  Now, if only Christmas could get here really quick!!!

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