Monday, June 16, 2014

First Week In The Field

Hey everyone!!
Oh my goodness!! What a week it has been!! I just have to say one thing before i tell you guys the craziness, I have never been happier in my life, and i promis you all i am not lying when i say that, so mom.. please dont be worried!
Monday night we got to Santiago around 9 and our district leaders picked us up. One of them is from Idaho so he speaks english, yay!! But this is his last transfer so thats kinda a bummer. but as we were driving we were driving up huge hills and i was just looking out the window and everyone was talking in spanish and i had NO IDEA what was going on. So we get almost to our house and Elder Krambuel says.. "Hermana you are going to remeber this night for the rest of your life so take it all in!!" pretty simple thing to say but i took it to heart and decided that is exactly what i would do! So we get into our casa and its actually pretty big. there is two beds in the front room, two desks off to the side. A kitchen, two bathrooms and an extra room. So I thought it was pretty nice! And then as we were exploring we found about 10 coachroaches!! hahaha i have never killed things so fast in my life while laughing that hard. I seriously could not stop laughing Hermana Fragoso and I looked like crazy people swinging brooms everywhere haha. It was really funny and now we are coachroach free! After that we got to sleep! yay! Oh and it is super super hot here and the water here is all one temperature, which is cold, so i was super stoked to be able  to take a cold shower! On tuesday we started the real work! But we had no water in our house which in most cases would be a really big problem but in this case it was a huge blessing because we had to ask our neighbors for buckets so we could fill them up with the water outside and use those to shower well now our neighbors are investigators!! They are such great people and even though I cant understand them i love teaching them! They are the navarra navarra family and 5 of them are taking lessons! They seem to understand the gospel pretty well and are really progressing. On tuesday we met Perla while walking down the street, she is married and has a little boy and is pregnant right now. She has the cutest baby bump ever haha but she is also a new investigator and understands the gospel so so well. When people say the Lord prepares others to recieve the message of the gospel they arent kidding. we actually found 19 new investigators this week and they are all really wanting to learn more! On July 12th will be the first baptism for us in this area. There is a family that the missionaries were teaching before we got here and they have two daughters who are 12 and 11 and they are ready for baptism. We had their date as July 19th and asked them to pray about it and when we taught them again they said that the 19th is too far away and they want it sooner so they want the 12th! They are super excited, amnd they are glad that Elder Hernandez, who taught them before, will still be in the area and will be able to baptize them! Their parents also want to be baptized but they have to get married first. They have been together for like ever but never got married. They said they have a date set for a wedding but it is a surprise as to when so hopefully it is soon! The people here really are the greatest people! The members feed us everyday and the food is so good!! I will learn how to make it all so i can make it for you guys! Everyone here is a Yankees fan (: So i fit right in, except im the only one person here and dont speak spanish, or know anything about this place haha but really i love it. The language is getting better but its still a struggle. I kinda just follow Hermana Fragoso everywhere and just smile and nod my head during lessons haha. But it is awesome. I know that there is no better place i could be right now! i am so glad to hear everyone at home is doing well and I am glad its been a good week for you guys! Thanks for keeping me updated and sorry this email is so random! I love you guys sooo much!!
Hermana Searle

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