Monday, June 30, 2014

2 months

 I cant believe it has already been 2 months! this week we had a lot of lessons with memebers which was great! Our investigators here are seriously the best and i just love the people here, They are a lot different then people back home. Every single person is willing to talk to us and everyone here is religious so they all want to know more. in the 2 months ive been on my mission only one person has said they didnt want to know more. It is so crazy because i feel like back home so many people just dont even care to listen to the missionaries. And here the people just are the best! We had division things again but this time with Hermana Cruz and Hermana Smith! When we were with them it was my job to get hermana Smith to talk in Spanish because i guess she never does. she just mumbles things in english all day and her and her comp. dont talk. This was hard for me but i just tried to help her translate stuff and somehow we made it work! when i was teaching with her companion we taught a less active member and to be completely honest the past couple weeks i have been doubting my testimony and wondering why i left everything to come to a new country and not understand a word people were saying but then i was bearing my testimony of the book of mormon and that is when i knew why i was here. It is because i know it is true and i know this gospel is the best thing in my life. i just have such a strong testimony of prayers being answered because this week so many of mine were answered. We taught a lesson in the church this week and it was amazing! we were teaching a coworker of one of the members and she is so accepting of everything. She believes in the book of mormon, and Joseph smith, and is so excited to learn more. teaching in the church is great!  another cool experience we were looking for the house of a reference from the elders and a guy asked who we were looking for and we told him and he said he didnt know where the guy lived, and then Hermana Fragoso asked if we could give him a little card thing and talk to him for a minute and he said, yes, and then told us that he speaks better english than he does Spanish so i finally got to introduce us in english! It was so weird because i like forgot how to say the stuff in English but it was so amazing! it was so nice for me to see that i do know what i am talking about and now they are new investigators! They are a christian family who half of them speak english. They have a lot of respect for people willing to share their beliefs and said they would love to hear more. it was funny talking in english haha. I really like never do and i feel like in 16 motnhs, i wont know how to at all. but i am super happy about this family. Another cool thing, there is a family in our ward here, the lopez lopez family, and every sunday they have lunch after church with like the bishop, his family, and two other families in the ward and it was their day to feed the missionaries so we all had lunch together and they remind me of our family. the little kids all run around and play in the water and the parents all just talk and what not and there is one couple, nelva and Emanuel and they have a two year old named Amelio, and they remind me so much of Ash and mack. Nelva even kinda looks like Ash! It is crazy, but they kept having me say like spanish tounge twisters and then they would have Elder krambule say them and the best part was i could say most of them better than him and he only has 3 weeks left in the mish! So i was happy about that. haha but  It rained a lot this week, and i have a little bit of a cold, which is weird because its an endless summer here, haha but i am very thankful for cold medicine! Me and my companion are becoming such good friends because we are starting to be able to talk more. i get to teach in our district class this week. And on thursday i will be with Hermana Rodriguez and Hermana Santana again! it should be a really good week! i have a favor to ask you all, please if at all possible help the missionaries that are in our word. Memebers play such a big part in conversions, and in helping less active members come back to church. It really is amazing how much of a difference having a memeber at a lesson makes so if you guys can, please help the missionaries. Or even just visit less active members in our ward! i love you guys so much and miss you like crazy! I hope you have a great fourth of July and i hope you have a good week!! (:

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