Thursday, June 5, 2014

Longest email yet :)

I was happy to get a little bit longer email from Ky this week.  Enjoy:)

Hola Familia!!
So this week is my last week in the CCM!! Crazy, huh?? I can not believe it is already this time! the last six weeks have been so crazy, so hard, so fun, and so emotional! This week there wasn't anything super crazy that happened! On Thursday something kinda cool happened. All of our investigators here have been asking us why they need to be baptized again if they were already baptized as babies into the catholic church. And in the email i got from Elder Tia on Thursday he was talking about just that! He had an investigator that was wondering the same thing and it was just really cool to me. because while I'm out here in mexico, and Stone is in Bolivia, and all my friends, and cousin, that are in other missions as well will have times when our emails to each other are an answer to someones prayers. Its really cool that me, and some of the people i love so much are all a part of the most amazing work together. On Friday we had our normal classes and nothing too exciting happened. On Saturday nothing really happened either. haha but Sunday was such a good day!! We had relief society and we talked about being a strong link in the heritage of our families, and as missionaries! It was a really good lesson!! Sacrament was also really good because it was testimony meeting and i actually understood most of the testimonies which was really nice because last fast Sunday i had only been here 4 days and didn't know any Spanish haha. Sunday night we had to say goodbye to our father district which was really sad actually. They are all such great people and i really hope we will stay friends forever. we all decided that we want to meet for the first general conference that we are all home! So that will be fun! Monday was also a pretty good day. It was my last Monday in the CCM which is just crazy! But it was good! We had a really good lesson with Angel about faith and repentance. It went really well. It is weird because he is our teacher in real life so its kinda hard to teach him but it was still good! on Tuesday we taught Carlos in the morning and then had TRC in the afternoon. TRC was really really good!! we taught three people! the first lesson was with a guy named Oriel. I dont know if that's how you spell it but thats okay! Hermano Hernandez told us that he isnt a member so he might have some tough questions. So we went in and were teaching him about the importance of church attendance. I was explaining the sacrament to him and he asked why it is now water and not wine. So I don't even remember what i said but somehow in broken Spanish i explained it to him. and it really was so cool. and during the entire lesson i could just tell that there was no way he wasn't a member. so i asked Hermano Hernandez about it and its a really cool story! In December Oriel got baptized because his girlfriend had introduced him to the church and 2 months ago Hermano hernandez was able to give him the priesthood!! I think it is such a cool story! And i love that he is willing to pretend to be an investigator for us because he really knows what it is like! Then our other two lessons were also pretty good, they were also about church attendance. But our third lesson was with Oriels girlfriend! I cant wait to teach real investigators and to be able to really bring people unto Christ!! It is such an amazing thing! Tuesday night we had a devotional here by Elder Johnson and he is in the 4th quarm of the 70! It was really good! HE talked a lot about how we need to have faith. And as strong of faith as possible so that we can express that to our investigators! The devotionals here are one thing i am really going to miss! Yesterday we all started writing in each others journals/notebooks so I am having people write in the little pink book Sam and Nessa had got for me. And it is so cool to have more peoples testimonies or just words of encouragement in my book! I have to tell you a funny thing that Elder Fuimaono wrote! haha he was talking about how he knows we will stay friends because of Elder Tia and then he said "Even though you are older than me i think of you as my little sister. And i have always wanted a white little sister!!" hahaha it was so funny! My district is the best and they really are going to be my friends for the rest of my life! We also got our baby district yesterday and tonight we get to have a little welcome meeting with them and I am super excited for that! It is fun to be able to help them get used to mission life! This week really was a good last week in the CCM and I cant wait to get out to the field!! I love you guys so much! Thank you for all your love and support! I hope everyone has a good week! 

Love always,
Hermana Searle

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