Monday, June 9, 2014

On her way to Santiago with Hermana Fragoso

Hola familia!!
So this week was the last week in the CCM and boy was it rough!! We
had a lot of really good things happen though! We finally got our baby
district and they are great! On saturday we had our last classes with
our awesome teachers and we took some really funny pictures I will have to send
you guys! But on sunday we had a testimony meeting with our baby
district and its like a tradition for our zone to do a testimony
meeting for the new group the week before we leave and it was so good!
My district had the strongest testimonies!! But when one of our elders
bore his he gave our baby district the advice to just not talk to
anyone and then he said "when you talk to people you get to know them
and then you fall in love and thats what happened here. And it suck
to leave that." And of course we all cried but it really made me
realize how blessed i was to be in the CCM with my district!! The lord
blesses us in the best ways! Sunday night after we said our final
goodbyes to those who arent in the same mission as us we went home and
packed. And didnt sleep at all. Haha our flight to Guadalajara was
super short. And at the airport we saw everyone again so had to say
bye all over. But once we arrived in gudalajara our mission president
picked us up! We went to the mission home and had some training and
interviews and then met our companions! My companion is Hermana
Fragoso! She is super cute and has been here for 10 months! She knows
some english so that is good! And right now we are on a bus driving to
our area which is in Santiago! It is a 4  hour drive so i love that
there are ipad like things here for us to email! My pday will be
Mondays! I hope all is well at home! I love you guys so much!
Hermana searle

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