Tuesday, December 2, 2014

7 months :)

Hola Familia! 
I am so glad to hear that you guys all had a good Thanksgiving and that you guys were able to spend it with most of the family! Everyone looked so cute and I loved the pictures! This week for us was a crazy week! We are still really thankful for all the help we have been recieving from Hna.Karen and her mom Maty! They come teach with us everyday and it is always so fun! But, they will be moving to Guadaljara on the 16th and it makes me so sad :( But they will still live in mission boundries so maybe one day I will be in their ward again(: haha this week we found some really good new investigators! Lucy and Fabiola! Fabiola is one of hna.Matys friends from work and she is so prepared to recieve the gospel! The only problem is she has the biggest dog that literally barks 24/7 and anytime we have tried to teach in the past he has been horrible and we couldnt hear or talk ha but this week we were able to teach her and her dog was quiet the entire time! It truly was a miracle(: She really wants us to teach her husband as well and this week we will be visiting him! Lucy is another new investigator who we found when we were looking for her brother-in-law! She is really awesome! She is catholic but doesnt really go to church. She said she is a believer but not firm in her religion! She loves listening about the gospel and wants us to teach her more! I feel like she will realy progress! She also has 3 little kids that are adorable! haha But Thanksgiving here was great! We ate with the Romero family and they are one of the greatest families! On Thanksgiving I read the card from mom and cried because honestly I am just so blessed! And this year I really got to realize it more than ever! However, something really sad happened this week. On Saturday night we got a phone call and Hna.Cedillos Grandpa passed away :( It is so sad and I really dont even know how to help her, but if you guys could please keep her in your prayers that would be awesome! I know that through the power of prayer and the love our Savior has for her she will be okay! But its still hard! But, I cant believe we are already in December! Time goes by so fast! and i cant believe I have 7 months here! It is so crazy! But this week I invite you guys to watch the video "He is the gift" We as missionaries are working on helping others see this video to really feel the Christmas spirit and to rememnber why we have this Holiday! So I hope you guys can do the same! I hope you guys have a great week! I love you all so much! 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

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