Monday, December 8, 2014

Not a great week :(

Hola Familia! 
So I am glad to hear that you guys all had a great week! It sounds like things are going really well for you guys back home! I am glad that you guys are enjoying the holiday season! This week was a pretty rough week. We are having a really hard time with our investigators and the less actives because none of them are really progressing. This week we tried to find new investigators but are still kind of struggling. However, in our zone class the zone leaders told us that we needed to all say a prayer for at least 5 minutes before we slept thanking our Heavenly Father for all the blessings we have in our lives. And this is something that I have really tried to focus on this week, being thankful for the trials, and every blessing I have in my life. It is a lot easier to be happy when I think of all the blessings I have in my life. I know I have a lot to improve and I know if I just remember to do my best the Lord will do the rest. This week we are going to keep looking for new investigators, and more references from the members here. But some cool things are happening around here as well! Today I found out that one of the families from my area in Guadalajara got baptized and are preparing to go to the temple(: I was so happy to hear that! I know I only had a short time with them but they are such an awesome family and I am so happy for them(: This week we also get to go to Guadalajra because Russel M. Nelson is coming here(: I am so excited to be able to have the opportunity to listen to an apostole here! It will be really great! We also have a ward Christmas party this week, then on the 23rd we have a Christmas party in Tepic(its a place about 2 hours from Vallarta that is actually cold, yay!) with President and Hermana Wagner and missionaries from 2 other zones! And then on the 25th is Skype day!!(: There are a lot of great things happening this month!(: Oh, and one last cool experience! Today we should a lady the "El es la Dadiva" video and she told us that she was looking for something to show at the end of their acting out the birth of Christ in her daughters school! And she is going to use this video(: We were super stoked to hear that! haha but this week should be a good one! I hope that you guys have an amazing week! I love you all so much!!(: 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

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