Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Pics :)

This is a picture of Brother Rodriguez and his family.  He is the nice man that called Mav the other day and told him that Kylie is awesome and is doing great!!
This is Hermana Martinez.  She is one of the trainers and Kylie loves her.  She said that she is always so happy and so fun!

She looks so beautiful in this picture.  I love that she found a little Christmas Tree!  Cutest thing I have ever seen under a tree:)

Poor Kylie was very sad in this picture.  This is Hermana Maty and Hermana Karen.  They have helped Kylie a lot and have helped them teach lessons.  Kylie said these are two of the greatest people she has met there.  She was so sad because on Friday they moved and this is their goodbye picture :(
Okay here is the back story for this picture.  Every year at Christmas time my kids receive a gift and a letter from our family Christmas elf named "Shorty"  This is a tradition that has been going on since Maveric was 2 years old.  This year "Shorty" gave my kids the gift of giving.  He wrote them a letter and enclosed some money in it and asked them to use the money to do something for someone in need.  Kylie was able to take the money and buy all this stuff for a sweet sister named Berniece.  Berniece has recently separated from her husband and just barely started working.  She has very little and these things will be greatly appreciated.  Kylie and her companion, Hermana Cedillo, were able to go shopping and they found great deals.  On Wednesday morning a member is going to drive them to Berniece's house and they will be able to anonymously leave the gifts for her and her little family.  What a great gift our Christmas Elf was able to give to my sweet missionary.  Love it!!!!

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