Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Crazy Week :)

Hola Familia!
This week was such a great week But a little crazy haha(:  I can’t even explain how blessed I have felt this week! First off I will explain the little disaster that almost happened ha. It had been super rainy last week and it was perfect for us as missionaries as we were walking and what not but for the other people, and for the rivers here it isn’t too great. So on Tuesday we received a phone call from Hna.Berenice and she asked us in case of an emergency, if we could feed her puppies. So we said yes but asked why she was worried and she explained to us that the bridge that goes from this part of Vallarta to the other part might close due to the river. So anyway the river that is normally really little water was filling very quickly and was almost flooding the bridge. So we just said we would help if she needed and all was well. Then Hna.Karla called and asked if we could find a way to have someone pick Franco up from school because she was on the other side of the bridge and couldn’t get home in time to get him so we worked with the Relief Society President and she took care of Franco. Then when we were in lunch they explained that if the river got any fuller that they would open the Dam and all the water would come into where we live. But we live in a little apartment that is on the second story so we knew we would be okay. And honestly we didn’t even feel worried but everyone seemed to be in panic. But something really cool is EVERYONE, members that haven’t gone to church forever, our investigators, everyone called us and made sure we were safe. It was really cool to see how many people really are looking out for us. But all in all nothing flooded. The rain stopped, and the river started to calm down. So then we as well as everyone here were able to really see the blessings of being save. It was a crazy experience to see everyone so worried but they all had so much faith in that we would be okay and that as well was a great thing. It was a moment when everyone really understood that we really aren’t anything without our Heavenly Father. And it was a very humbling experience.
  But anyway as for the rest of the week! On Monday we had a yoga class haha which was super fun! On Tuesday we had we had a really good lesson with one of the new families we are teaching! We taught Clafira and her girls and they are super great they are proressing so much and have gone to church twice and they love being in church! We also were able to teach Lizbeth and she as well is progressing again(: On Wednesday we had lessons with Hermana Betty and it went really well! We also got to talk to Berenice, our investigator, and she has finally made her decision and has decided to get baptized (: We were SO happy when she told us that (: On Thursday we had weekly planning and in the afternoon Hna.karla came and taught with us! She is so great and has such a strong testimony and loves sharing it so that was super awesome! And then Friday was an amazing day! We had Zone Conference(: and it was so great! We got to watch Meet the Mormons, and we talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation! And President Wagner taught us in a way that was super powerful! I learned so much! And I loved Meet the Mormons(: haha and then on Saturday we had some good lessons as well and had our meeting with our ward mission leader, Hno.Alejo! and yesterday we went to two sacraments again so we could introduce Clafira and her girls to the missionaries in the other ward because they will be attending that ward each week so the sisters are going to help us! But overall we had 8 of our investigators in church and 5 of the less active members! It was so great (:  The talks were great and the spirit was so strong! It was such a great week! And this week we will be going to Guadalajara for my companions follow up for new missionaries! And it is the last week of the transfer but Im pretty sure we will stay here because my companion is still in her training but we just never know what will happen! Haha But overall things are going great! I love this work and I love being here! I hope that you guys have an amazing week! I love you all so much!!
Love always,
Hermana Searle 


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