Tuesday, March 10, 2015

YAY for a great week :)

Hola Familia(: 
Hey guys! This week flew by!!! I am glad to hear that things are going well back home! Things here are going so great! This week has really been a good week! On Monday we were able to be with the Najeras and I just love them! They are always super good to us! On Tuesday we had a zone meeting and we got a lot of new stuff to try and help our investigators which was awesome! On Wednesday we were able to teach a lot with Hna.Betty and we had some really good lessons! On Thursday we had weekly planning and it was a pretty normal day! However, we had to say by to Hna.Herwig and her family because they moved to Nebraska :( It was really hard saying bye to them because they are some of my very favorite people! She is the grandma of Diego(the little boy who was singing "Sin Gasolina") But we decided that 8 months from now we will have to plan a way to meet up so I can see them again! But they are a great family and I know that it is a big change that they need right now in their lives! On Friday we had splits with Sister Mills and Sister Cadena! I got to be with Sister Mills in her area and it truly was a blast(: haha I LOVE working with her haha we always have so much fun and its always fun talking about SUU haha and just being with someone I knew before my mission but the best part was we got to have a blast teaching as well! We went to visit one of her less-active members who lives with her 3 little grandkids. They have a pretty sad life honestly because the mom of the Grandkids passed away 2 years ago, and the dad is hardly ever home and has a few problems so the kids dont have a very stable life so we decided to tell them that if we could teach for 5 minutes we would then play a game with them so they all sat quietly and listened as we taught a short message and then we played tag hahaha and it was so fun! They were all laughing so hard and they are just adorable and it was so cool to see the grandma happy and laughing and not stressed out for the hard work of raising her grandkids. And then we continued teaching and we taught another less-active who has 5 kids all under the age of 7! And her kids as well were a little hyper so we did the same with them but instead of tag we played soccer haha and it really was so much fun! I defintley miss playing games with all my little cousins but I love the kids here! I wish you guys could meet them because they all are truly adorable! I really feel like the day I leave Vallarta will be one of the hardest days because I will leave a big piece of my heart here! This week I have felt so blessed because I have decided to just not worry about things I cant change and I have just started taking in every minute and loving it! On saturday we had a relief society activity and it was really fun and then yesterday was great as well! Enrique came to church and it was soo great seeing him there again! He is seriously one of the greatest investigators in the world! We are just waiting for him and Karla to get married so that he can be baptized and they are in the process of getting all the papers and everything ready right now(: They are such a great family! But overall it was an amazing week!! Thank you guys so much for the birthday wishes!!(: I love you guys so much and I hope you all have an amazing week!(: 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

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