Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Staying in Vallarta :)

Hola Familia!!
First off, I didnt get transfered(: haha I will be here at least another six weeks in Vallarta!! And second, Thank you guys SO much for the birthday package!! I loved it so much(: This week has been a super long week haha On tuesday we had district class and it was super fun haha we played games to get better at asking for references and it was just good. Then on Wednesday we went to Guadaljara for my companions follow up for new missionaries and oh my! First off, we are the farthest away from Guadalajara haha so its always an adventure getting there haha we left here at like 5:30 and got there at 10. We had the mettings, ate pizza and came back. The only bad part is the elders were in charge of picking the bus and we took a super cheap bus that stopped like 20 times and had movies with the volume as loud as possible, and there was a TON of traffic so basically it was the longest bus ride ever. haha but we got back safely and all is well! On Thursday we had our weekly planning and it was a pretty normal day. On friday we felt like it was Saturday all day haha but it was a good day. Saturday we got to go to the Womens conference and it was so great! I loved it sooo much(: And, one of our newer investigators, Sussane told us she recieved her answer from the conference and wants to be baptized (: We were so happy!! Yesterday we had such a great day! We found two new investigators and had great lessons with Enrique, Glafira and Alvero and it really made the week so much better! I am sorry there arent a lot of details this week but we really havent had too much happen and because of that it was the longest week! haha We hope to be able to find more people in their houses this week and to be able to teach more to have a more eventful week! I hope you guys enjoy conference and your week! I love you all sooo much! Thank you guys again for the package!! I love you (: 
Love always,
Hermana Searle 

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